Brain waves tell us their own story. Neurofeedback uses brain waves to better understand how to improve your emotional or physical health. How much do you know about your brain? This remarkable organ, 75% water, and one of the fattiest parts of our bodies, happens to also control our emotions, attitude, and instinctual responses.  Learning about [...]

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Peak Performance and Neurofeedback


How many times have you encountered the following scenario? After weeks, months, or perhaps even years working and practicing for the opportunity of a lifetime, a wave of stress, anxiety, or feeling of pressure washes over you. After practicing and preparing, you know that you are armed with the requisite skills to perform your best, yet [...]

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Learning difficulties: Adults


Have you struggled with learning difficulties your whole life, but never received the help you need? Are you struggling to cope with the demands of a new job, or worried that you’ll be found out? Therapy for learning difficulties is not just for children. It’s never too late for you to develop the skills you need [...]

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How Does Our Brain Work? Brainwave Frequencies Explained


The brain is a fascinating, complex organ which controls every aspect of our daily life. It is responsible for every thought and action, from the deepest philosophical musing, to remembering a grocery list, down to coordinating the motor skills necessary to brush your teeth. Scientists are discovering new and fascinating information about how the brain [...]

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