1) What equipment is required in order to run a session with Mind Body MYNDLIFT?

A charged Muse headset

A charged iOS/Android device

2)Can my I train without internet access?

Yes! You will need to log into the app with internet in order to load their session, but you can complete the session even without internet

3) How do I check the battery life on my Muse headset?

To check the battery level of your headset you can briefly click on the power button on the headset. You will be shown lights over the earpiece which will indicate the battery level. The more lights that appear, the more battery you have in your Muse.

You can also check the exact headset battery percentage while training by pressing the pause button in the middle of a session.

4) How frequently do I need to charge my Muse headset?

You may charge your headset using a USB port or using a wall charger. Your Muse cannot be used when it is charging.

It should take up to 3 hours to charge your Muse fully. A fully charged Muse should provide you with up to 4 hours of continuous use.

It is recommended to train using a fully charged Muse headset, to reduce any signal disruptions

5) Can I train using eye glasses?

Yes, the Muse headset can be used with eyeglasses and should not cause any interference. It is important to ensure that the rubber ear sensors of the headset are touching the skin at the back of the ears, therefore the headset should be placed above the glasses to ensure maximum contact with the back of the ears.

Some users find it helpful to take off the glasses before putting on the headset, and only then put them back on.

6) Why does the Mind Body MYNDLIFT app ask for my location?

Google requires apps that use Bluetooth devices to access a user’s location. This requires us to ask for location permissions in the Mind Body Myndlift app.

To enable the locations settings, please go to Settings on your device> Location>Turn it on.

Please do not turn off Location services during the session as it will block the headset from connecting, and you will be unable to train.

7) What’s the best way to look after my Muse headset?

The Muse headset is a sensitive device and should be treated with care.

Do not get the Muse headset wet, with water or any other liquids.

Your headset should not be exposed to extremely high or low temperatures.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration of some parts so try to keep your Muse out of the sunlight when not in use.

Do not open, disassemble, or attempt repair of your Muse.

Avoid dropping Muse as this may cause hardware damage.

Avoid extreme bending of the headset.

Cleaning your headset from time to time can also help prolong the headset’s lifespan. This can be done by wiping a small amount of alcohol (not too much!) on a cotton swab and gently dabbing the forehead band sensors, and silicone earpieces. You can also wipe the rest of your headset down with a damp cloth.

8)How long should I train at home?

Training session’s duration is up to the clinician to determine. An average training session lasts 20-30 minutes. Most treatment plans recommend 30-40 session’s.

9) Are there side effects?

Neurofeedback does not involve any chemicals entering the body. In very rare cases there are slight side effects, primarily fatigue, similar to the feeling some people get following strenuous mental efforts.

10)Does Mind Body MYNDLIFT  only train on frontal locations?

No, Mind Body Myndlift uses an additional gold-cup electrode together with the Muse headset which allows you to train any 10-20 locations.

11)What kind of feedback will I see?

You can choose between six games with both auditory and visual feedback, or two types of feedback based on YouTube videos: one with visual feedback, and one with auditory feedback, good for protocols done with eyes closed.

You can set the length of each session, as well as the frequency of breaks. You can also cancel sessions at any time, leaving all the control over the training in your hands.

12)Can my clients train using videos?

Yes, Mind Body MYNDLIFT  includes two YouTube-based training options, where your clients can train using YouTube videos with either auditory or visual feedback. You choose which YouTube videos you want to show your clients using a user-friendly website.

13)Can I operate the system by myself?

Setting up the system is fairly easy and intuitive. Mind Body MYNDLIFT has a very simple, user friendly interface which allows you to inhibit and/or reward any frequency. You can even input your own custom frequencies at the touch of a button.

You can set the length of each session, as well as the frequency of breaks. You can also cancel sessions at any time, leaving all the control over the training in your hands.

14)How do I get started with Mind Body MYNDLIFT?