Have you struggled with learning difficulties your whole life, but never received the help you need? Are you struggling to cope with the demands of a new job, or worried that you’ll be found out? Therapy for learning difficulties is not just for children. It’s never too late for you to develop the skills you need to build your confidence and really thrive. If not now, when? 

Unlocking your potential

Learning difficulties can hold you back in many ways. Often worse than the specific problem is all the energy, effort, and time you have to put into finding ways to compensate and cover up for your weak areas. In therapy, we will go the opposite route and approach the problem head-on. I will select the most effective techniques to improve the abilities you need to work on most. As we work together, you will see the progress you make for yourself.

With the right help, you can stop feeling like you’re always behind and struggling to catch up. Whether it’s processing, organization, memory, or a specific sensory problem, the right help could be your ticket to success.


One technique that I use for learning difficulties is called Neurofeedback. While this form of therapy goes back many decades, educational psychologists are only just coming to appreciate its potential. In Neurofeedback, you can discover the exact cognitive areas that need to be strengthened. This allows you to train these areas of the brain directly to function more effectively, filling in the gaps that may have emerged during your development.

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